VFI Toolkit

Updated to Version 1.31 (August, 2017)

The VFI Toolkit provides functions for Value Function Iteration.  The main function in the toolkit automatically solves Value function iteration problems given the return function and outputs the value function itself, as well the optimal policy function, and automatically does so on GPU (graphics card). Further commands allow for easy simulation of time series, and agents stationary distribution in heterogeneous agent models, general equilibrium in heterogeneous agent models, transition paths in heterogeneous agent models, and finite horizon value function problems. Many other commands are also available.

Journal Article in Computational Economics introducing the VFI Toolkit and describing potential uses and the design philosophy.

Short Presentation (CEF2015)
about the Toolkit. Another Presentation (EcoMod2016) about Toolkit. Presentation (EcoMod2017, WEAI2018) about OLG models.

Value Function Iteration Toolkit for Matlab (link is to toolkit code itself)

Documentation for Toolkit (describes main components, and the examples)

Setting up:

  1. Download Toolkit from Github (either download as zip file or sync to github repository).
  2. Tell Matlab where the Toolkit is by adding it to the Matlab path.
  3. Done! I recommend learning by looking at the Examples (see end of Documentation; codes).

Feedback or Questions? Try the forum at discourse.vfitoolkit.com.

Or email me directly: robertdkirkby@gmail.com (robertdkirkby.com)

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